Pooch is a small, fast, and easy to understand PHP framework. Pooch is made to be simple. Need to get an idea prototyped quickly? Pooch just might be what you are looking for.

Reasons to use Pooch...


We are purposfully keeping it small. We don't want a big framework that does everything. We want a small framework that can get you up and running quickly.


A framework that is only a few hundrend lines long is not going to use much in the way of server resources. Fewer resources consumed means you can host your application on smaller VPS instances and know that they will run just fine.


We hope you find everything you need in our documentation. If you don't, don't worry. This framework is small enough that the code could almost be considered documentation.

Pooch is PHP and uses MySQL, because we want the setup and maintinance of your application to be as easy and maintinance-free as possible.

Everything you need to get started...

Documentation (Coming Soon)

Here is where you will find a quick start guide and articles on how to get started with Pooch.


Want to help contribute to Pooch? Github is the place to do that. This is also the place to report issues you might run into.

Thanks for looking!
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